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About The Pizza Slice Monkstown

We happen to serve the most enticing experience of Pizza here in the city. Our long journey in the food industry has made us quite the expert in making your pizzas in a very unique way. To put up a really excellent showing in that taste as well as the quality departments, we only use select ingredients while making your dishes. As a consequence, we have become one of the most promising choices in the city when it comes to Pizza. You will also be treated with a similar experience when you opt to order from us online. You can simply do that by visiting the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and downloading our app for free. Visit us or order from us today if you really are passionate about quality eating. We would really try to punch way above our weight every time you choose us.

The Pizza Slice Monkstown Restaurant

No matter where you stay in the city, finding us is extremely easy because of the fact that we are located here at Oliver Plunkett Road, Monkstown. Smooth transportation and traffic is pretty much the norm here. This has also resulted in our delivery services being truly fast paced. Yet, our app is embedded with onboard GPS support to help you find us in no time. So, if Pizza is at the top of your favourite foods of choice, look no further and visit us today. We would really try to mesmerize you with the dinner of a lifetime.

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